Young Driver Scheme – Throckmorton Airfield, Pershore

Due to the popularity and highly successful AHD Young Driver Scheme in Droitwich, we have joined together with another driving school and created ’1st Approach Academy Ltd’ which will run an even larger scheme at Throckmorton Airfield in Pershore.  The Scheme will run a structured course and also offer the BTEC levels 1 and 2 Safe Driver Award. For further details contact Anita Haddon-Davies on 07983 881013.

Can my Driving Instructor sit in the back of the car whilst on my practical driving test?

I was talking to a lady yesterday who had failed her driving test with another Driving Instructor several times, 3 years ago. On her last attempt she had asked for him to sit in the back of the vehicle, which she felt may ‘put her at ease’ for the driving test. The Driving Instructor said that he was ‘not allowed’ to sit in the back of the car on a pupil’s driving test.  The lady went for her 5th attempt and failed, and after 3 years has started to look at driving again, as she has completely lost her confidence but needs to drive for when she is on location working for the BBC.

Should a Driving Instructor sit in the back of the car …?  How would you feel if they were sat behind the driver’s seat…?

Well….I can tell you that a Driving Instructor ‘IS’ allowed to sit in the back of the car whilst a driving test is taking place, but only after the Driving Examiner has asked the pupil if this can take place.  The Driving Instructor must not take part in the test, else the driving test could be terminated!

Although I have found that the Driving Examiner’s, depending on who you have, may ask you either to sit in the back of the car whilst the ‘show and tell’ are taking place, OR ask you ‘not to get in the car until the show and tell have finished’, you CAN sit in the back of the vehicle as an observer whilst the pupil is on test.  The Driving Instructor just has to listen to the Driving Examiner as to WHEN he can sit in the back of the car, as not all Examiners work to the same routine, and don’t stand next to where pupil’s are asked to read a number plate as you may be understandably hustled out of the way!

Therefore if you are, for example, a nervous pupil or perhaps just feel more comfortable with their Driving Instructor sat behind them on test, then ask the Driving Instructor to do so, they can still say no, but it’s worth asking!!

One of our pupils took her driving test today and passed with myself sitting in the back seat, and the feedback from the pupil was that ‘the test did not feel like an actual test as it felt more like ‘just a normal driving lesson’.  The pupil today was found to be confident in her drive and nothing seemed to phase her, so it’s worth a thought ……………….

Francis Rowley passes her test! – June 2013 (Testimonial)

Congratulations Francis on passing your test with me sat in the back observing too..!

Francis Rowley 04-06-13

How would you rate your Driving Instructor – Excellent
Was your Driving Instructor patient and helpful? – Excellent
Did you find the training vehicle to be clean and tidy? – Excellent
Was the Driving Instructor punctual for your lessons? – Excellent
How would you rate your Driving Instructor’s communication skills – Excellent
Did the Driver Training meet your needs? – Yes
Did you find the driving lessons enjoyable? – Yes
Would you recommend your Driving Instructor to your friends and family? – Yes


Thank you for everything!

Other drivers using ‘FULL BEAM’ behind learner driver… WHY?!

Whilst out driving with learner drivers over the past few months, I have found that other drivers are applying their ‘full beam’ behind us. Why is this I have to ask myself…you were a learner once……

Are they idiots?

Are they wanting us to crash our car, after first, blinding us?

Are they doing it for their fun only..?

Well, whatever the answer is, STOP DOING IT, IT IS DANGEROUS, and next time, you may find your registration number listed on this blog spot!